Download Ubuntu Theme for Windows XP

Ubuntu is one of the popular operating systems while Windows is the largest used OS worldwide. If you are habituated with Ubuntu and recently started working on XP, you can do yourself a favor – install Ubuntu theme for XP so that you can get Ubuntu look and feel on Windows XP. This theme is designed by FioreSSJ at DeviantArt.

But before you read ahead, you need to patch uxtheme.dll file on your system so that non-Microsoft release visual style can be installed on Windows XP. If you have not applied this patch, download the patch from Softpedia and follow the instructions to install it on your system.

Now download Ubuntu theme for XP from here. This theme contains 5 different color schemes such as orange, blue, green, graphite and purple. Additionally it changes the Windows XP cursor and makes it look like xFree cursor. Once you have downloaded the theme pack, extract the folder and follow the below steps :
  • Copy files from Wallpaper folder to C:\Windows\Web\Wallpaper
  • Copy files from Cursor folder to C:\Windows\Cursors
  • Copy files from Fonts folder to C:\Windows\Fonts
  • Copy other files to C:\Windows\Resources\Themes\Ubuntu (Make a new folder & rename it to Ubuntu yourself)
  • Click Human to load the visual style
  • Click Apply in display properties to save the changes
  • You are done

 XP to Ubuntu transformation pack changes the visual style, desktop wallpaper, cursor, and fonts to give you Ubuntu feel and look on your Windows XP system. Now you can proceed to change system icons.

Download Tango Shell Patcher to make Windows XP icons look like Ubuntu 6.10 icons. Download the patch, read the instructions, install on your system and enjoy.


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