How to Disable right click script

Description: This is a cross browser DHTML script that will prevent the default right menu from popping up when the right mouse is clicked on the web page. Use it to stop surfers from easily saving your web page, viewing its source, or lifting images off your site when using either IE 4+ or NS 4+. Definitely useful for many site owners...
If you want to protect your images,my suggestion is to add a Watermark(logo) of your sitename,or your name on the images,pictures,etc.
Note:Using this javascript code,you only disable the right click by warning the visitors that the content is copyrighted.

Where to paste it in blogger ?
Sign in to your blogger dashboad 
layout > Add a Page element > html/javascript > Paste of Content 
(look at the screenshot below)

Simply add the following code to the  section of your web page
(Press Ctrl C after selecting code to copy it):
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