Proton Hybrid Concept Car Revealed

This is the first photo of the Proton hybrid concept car that will debut on March 2 at the Geneva Motor Show. Developed in a creative collaboration with Italdesign Giugiaro, an Italian automotive design firm that pennedMaserati Quattroporte and Proton Persona among many others, the concept car is a small four-seater five-door hatchback which is even shorter than Proton Savvy.
The fully-electric hybrid drivetrain consists of an engine that recharges lithium ion batteries, which, in turn, power an electric motor responsible for driving the car. The Giugiaro-designed, all-new platform has a raised floorpan that accommodates the engine at the front and batteries at the rear.
Giugiaro says that the concept car is “set to revolutionise traditional segmentation in the car market” and was designed “with the aim of optimising the available onboard space and car access ergonomics”.
More details and photos should arrive in the time leading up to the concept car’s grand unveiling in Geneva. So stay tuned…


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