Top 10 Blog Exchange & Blog Promotion Sites

For bloggers who wish to gain more readers there can never be enough ways to promote one’s blog. One way that bloggers (blog owners) can market and promote their blog site is by taking part in blog exchange programs.
I have provided an outline of some sites for you to check out. Remember this form of advertising is a method of “Viral Advertising”. Whereas you promote your blog for free alongside a potential hundreds and thousands of other blog publishers and readers.
Viral marketing can provide tons of traffic to your blog site(s) to bring in visitors to your blog. Once you have a growing stem of traffic to your blog site you can monetize on generate revenue from your Google Adsense ads and other ads displayed on your site which may be of interest to visitors. Leverage the power of viral advertising and watch your traffic and revenue grow using the following free services.
Blog Advertising
Blog Exchanges
Blog Pop Unders
Blog Polls and more..
1. BlogClicker
Free blog traffic exchange community. For every 2 member blogs you view get one visitor to your blog (2:1 ratio).
Purchase extra credits to increase the views of your blog instantly. BlogClicker also offers monthly prizes and additional credits can be earned through special promotions.
2. BlogExplosion
Free blog traffic exchange community with a 2:1 ratio.
• Add unlimited blogs
• Add unlimited banners
• Full statistics
• Win monthly bonus credits
• Refer new BlogExplosion members and receive referral traffic on a generous 5 tier credit system
BlogExplosion also permit members with site relating to blog community such as:
• Blog script providers
• Blog hosting
• Blog templates
• Blog products and services
3. BlogLinker
Automatic link swapping created when you join and place code into your pages. Once you link to a BlogLinker member they automatically link back to you.

4. Pheedo Blog Network
This is for bloggers who want to leverage Pheedo’s advertising partners to offer ads from their own blog sites. Revenue streams from cost per click. Specific criteria apply for acceptance into the Pheedo Blog Network.
Helps to monetize blog content by inserting ads into feeds for bloggers. Selected ads for your feeds are matched to be relevant to your content and theme so that they complement your content.
Bloggers have control over the amount over the amount of ads and types of ads placed in their blogs. Pheedo has truly created a revolutionary way for bloggers to monetize their RSS and Atom feeds.
Pheedo Feed Manager for Publishers
Complete reporting statistics include the following:
• Campaign Management
• Robust Revenue Reporting – info delivered via RSS if desired
• Targeted Advertising
• Sophisticated Ad Optimization
5. Facebook “Notes”
Set up a free Facebook profile and have access to their RSS feature. Import your RSS feeds and every time you publish a new post your “Notes” area will update within a few minutes and also your posts will be featured on your Facebook Wall for all of your friends and contacts to view. I have noticed that videos sometimes do not appear properly and leaves a mess of code. Hopefully this will be corrected soon!
Set up a free Facebook profile to take advantage of this great feature.
6. Technorati
Claim your blog using the free service at Technorati. There can sometimes be teething problems with the initial set up but once done you will benefit from your posts being indexed and found by readers.
Claim your blog on Technorati
7. MySpace
You can use the blogs on your MySpace profile to announcements or any other content. This will work well if you have an active or popular MySpace page where your friends are regularly posting and following your updates. Especially if the have subscribed to your “Activity Stream” which is pre-checked when visitors use the“Add To Friends” button. It is also a good to link your main web site posts or provides links back to your site.
The main downside to MySpace is those annoying warning signs when you click on a link with a destination outside of  MySpace domain.
Set up a profile on MySpace.
8. OnlyWire
A handy automatic web based service for updating several bookmarking sites and social networks at a click of a button. Once you et up each profile you have an account with you just need to add the OnlyWire button to your site as a link back or pay a small fee if you prefer not to link back.
Of course it wil take some time to enter each account name and password for each of your account but once done, that’s it!
Set up your bookmarking accounts using OnlyWire.
9. 2RSS
A long established RSS directory where you can submit your RSS feeds to 2RSS
10. Feeds4All
Another RSS directory for use. Submit your RSS feeds to Feeds4All


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