New Car Peugeot ion prepared for iMiEV

The Peugeot Ion is one of the sisters of the French Mitsubishi iMiEV. Together Citroen C-Zero form the trio of mobility of the future: zero emissions, zero noise. They have all the attraction of eco urban car, prepared to slip into the most hectic traffic and to find – indeed invent – parking anyplace. The Peugeot Ion planning to vanquish the market by using not merely arms purely ecological car also relatively current commercial solutions, such as the long-term rental.
The small eco friendly shall be accessible with the contract to lease, for a figure originally suggested under the age of 500 Euros per month inclusive of VAT. The price of use, delineated by the everyday charge and minimum maintenance, after all, is very low, hovering around 1.5 million – or less – every 100 kilometers.
Included in cost monthly there is a rich package of services. We find the Peugeot Connect, the emergency call 24 hours on 24, the Peugeot, mobility service, rental and other services, which recall the proffer made by competitors, see Smart EV. To better control the commercialization of the ion, Peugeot is affiliated to dissimilar bodies operating at a rental (Veolia Green wheels) and the electric mobility (Eva, Electric vehicles for advanced cities, European-wide project). We see the characteristics of the driver.
Its electric motor powered by lithium-ion battery delivers 47 kW and provides the driver a range of 130 kilometers. A learn commissioned by Citroen has shown that on average European motorist journey around 38 kilometers each day, the trouble of autonomy would be merely psychological. Peugeot ion battery recharges in 6 hours with a conventional power outlet, but relying on your wants, you can choose for the quick charge: in 30 minutes, covers 80% of energy wants.


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